The important creation units went being explored at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel

The essential video betting machine was made in 1976 in Kearny Mesa, California by the Las Vegas based Fortune Coin Co This machine used a slot pg   hanged 19-inch Sony Trinitron concealing gatherer for the feature and reasoning sheets for all betting machine limits. The model was mounted in a full-size, show-arranged betting machine authority.

The important creation units went being explored at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. After specific acclimations to defeat hoodwinking tries, the video gaming machine was embraced by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and at last found reputation on the Las Vegas Strip and in midtown club. Fortune Coin Co. additionally, its video betting machine advancement were purchased by IGT (International Gaming Technology) in 1978.

The fundamental American video betting machine to offer a “second screen” award round was Reel Them In, made by WMS Industries in 1996.


Dependent upon the machine, the player can insert cash or, in “ticket-in, ticket-out” machines, a paper ticket with a normalized tag, into an alloted opening on the machine. The machine is then sanctioned through a switch or catch (either physical or on a touchscreen), which starts reels that wind and stop to adjust the pictures. If a player facilitates with a victorious blend of pictures, the player obtains credits reliant on the paytable. Pictures vacillate dependent upon the subject of the machine. Commendable pictures fuse articles like normal items, tolls, and adjusted blessed sevens. Most space games have a subject, similar to a specific up-to-date, region, or character. Pictures and other additional features of the game are commonly agreed with the point. A couple of points are approved from traditional press foundations, including films, TV game plan (checking game shows like Wheel of Fortune), entertainers, and craftsmen.


How To Get Super Cheap Health Insurance

Seeking                       out budget friendly health policies is feasible, there is lots of businesses that will assist you to locate health care insurance that can work for you and stay in within your budget. In fact that many men and women just have no idea where to find medical health policies. Connecting with a company that is able to seeking out health care insurance companies can take the hassle away from choosing the right health policy. For individuals who don’t need to use a company to uncover inexpensive medical health insurance you have the Online world.

Countless numbers of citizens in America simply go without having a quality health policy for the reason that they feel they cannot find inexpensive health care insurance. This may describe the reason why there is lots of men and women in the USA who decide to go without having a health policy. Those that do not have health insurance will be less likely to go to a health care professional. This means that a lot of times disease and other ailments are not  till they have developed.

A lot of several items that will certainly determine what your own month to month health care insurance is going to be. Your health policy charges will change based upon the kind of coverage you have. For example, would you only need health care insurance for yourself, or your entire family members? The answer may have an impact upon any kind of estimates you obtain. Are you younger, or are you in your older years? Many medical health insurance companies adjust your premium in relation to your actual age. Are you self-employed, or are you currently acquiring medical health policy via your work? This may also impact the expense of your health insurance plan.

You will never know whenever any sort of accident might occur and you will need a trip to clinic for stitching or a busted bone fragments. These types of bills will prove to add up fast yet if you have medical health insurance, you will get the assistance you will need without the worry of obtaining a big bill. If you cannot afford to settle your health care bills, your own credit score might even suffer. For those who have medical health insurance, you can prevent these kinds of difficulties from ever taking place and your own credit rating will be guarded for your personal future and your health.

Another way you can make certain that your particular insurance charges are lowered is to raise the amount of your health policy deductible. Increased insurance deductibles equal more affordable monthly premiums. Anyone that provides current health conditions that need considerable hospital treatment could find it essential to have a bigger month to month premium. Merely by studying health care insurance choices online and spending just a couple of hours researching may well save a little money on a monthly basis. Find a variety of estimates from insurance carriers which meet your health and spending budget requirements and you’ll find affordable health insurance. It’s also possible to find that acquiring health care insurance on the net can help you save some of your hard earned cash.




Do You Need a Health Breakthrough? Consider a Wellness Program

Are you stuck                in a health rut? Do you need some expert advice and support to help you make a breakthrough with your health? If so, you may benefit from taking part in a wellness program. In this article wellness coach Wesley Smith explains how wellness programs work to support you to get over your current health challenges and back onto the path of feeling good. Is it time you made some health supporting changes in your life? If you are ready to make some changes then you may be ready for a wellness program.

What is Wellness

Wellness is feeling healthy and happy. Wellness is having the energy to put into those things that are meaningful in your life. Wellness can mean discovering what brings you meaning and satisfaction. Finding wellness means overcoming chronic health problems and making lifestyle changes that support your health goals.

Set Your Goals

A wellness program starts with helping you to clarify your health goals. Reaching your goals is going to require you to make changes to your current lifestyle and that’s why it’s important to make the connection between the goals you want to reach and why you want to reach them. This may sound obvious but it is a crucial step to helping you sustain your effort throughout and beyond the program. It’s exploring the reasons why we want to do something that creates momentum. Take the goal of having more energy for example, having more energy is a great goal, but the crucial question is what are you going to do with that energy? Would having more energy mean you are no longer exhausted in the evening after work so you can do something you enjoy like an art class or a catch up with friends? Would you like to have more energy so you can keep up with your children or grandchildren? Would you like to go  play sport, get fit again? Can you see how it’s the activity that is associated with having more energy that you can get excited about. You need to find your own personal examples that speak to and inspire you, so that the effort required to stick with your health supporting choices is able to be sustained. So step one is to define your goals within a time frame (for example 12 weeks) and then elaborate on how each goal will benefit you and use specific examples that really mean something to you and will inspire your sustained commitment to reaching your goals.

Assess Your Health

The next step is to get a clear assessment of your current state of health and what factors are underpinning your current health issues. If you understand what’s happened with your health then you have insight into what needs to change. It’s also helpful to understand your health strengths and weaknesses, which may include discussions about the state of your nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, the underlying health of your vital organs and your emotional and mental health. At this stage its really helpful to have a good wellness coach who can objectively see your health issues and has the experience to be able to help you prioritise what you have to do next. When you start out in a wellness program, it’s important to see progress to sustain your motivation and belief that you can be well. Its the wellness coach’s most important role to be able to see where you are stuck and give you relevant and personally meaningful advice that sets you back on track to your goals. Without that insight we can end up wasting a lot of time and effort and without the benefits we’re hoping to achieve. In other words, a good wellness coach can see where you are stuck and show you how to get unstuck.

Individual Health Report

In a wellness program, following on from your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive individual health report, which sets out your health goals as you have defined them, goes into detail about your current health status, the health issues that need to be address and the changes you need to make to to meet the goals that you have set. The health report allows the wellness coach to cover more than you can cover in a one hour consult, its also beneficial to have all the information in a written for so you can go over it again and again.

Supporting Therapies

A wellness program also involves a number of treatments with specialist practitioners which may include a combination of acupuncture, massage, nutritional and herbal medicine consultations. These session are important to support the changes you are making in your lifestyle. For instance, if you are not sleeping well then the appropriate therapies will re-establish a regular sleep pattern. Change requires effort so having more restful and regular sleep can give you the boost you need to set you on your way. Treatment sessions are the extra support that helps ensure you make progress and don’t fall back or get stuck. You have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and to have your questions answered.

Cultivating Wellness

A wellness program also includes learning how to cultivate wellness. A wellness program needs to do more than solve your current health issues, its should set you up for life by teaching you how to continue to improve your health once the program is over. You know the saying about how if you give a mean a fish he has a meal for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he has food for life. The same principle applies to wellness, a good wellness coach will support you through helping you cultivate a healthy lifestyle as well as teaching you specific health promoting activities which may include nutritional principles, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and energy cultivation techniques that are relevant to your needs. That way you have the capacity to sustain your  beyond the program. The program is designed to help you get well, be well and live well.

I hope this summary has helped you understand what a wellness program is and whether you could benefit from having some support to reach your health goals.



Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan

The economy                                     has millions of Americans out of work and health care insurance. American families can not wait for a health care reform plan. These families need coverage now. They rely on services such as health insurance quotes These online services provide access to health insurance, online quotes, and peace of mind. These services are priceless to many families that have access to the internet but may not have transportation to local health insurance agencies. Let’s face it, unemployment barley pays the bills.

Without insurance these families have no way to care for the health care needs of their families. This puts even more stress on an already stressful family situation. Knowing there are options such as health insurance quotes is a much needed peace of mind.

What do health insurance quotes do? Health insurance quotes allow the buyer to put in information and choose the right health insurance quote that meets their individual or family needs. Most families and individuals have a set budget in mind for what they want to spend on health care. Health care quotes help them achieve that goal and stay within their budget.

Group benefits are also available for those companies that have larger groups of employees. These companies do not have time to call every health agent and wait for them to call them back with a health insurance quote that is not in their budget. That is where the instant health care quotes online come into play. They do what many hometown agents do not.

Tax incentives for the business owner and the employees. Who couldn’t use a tax break in this economy? As a small business you as the business owner may not have health care coverage on yourself. If you choose a group health plan with tax incentives, you could also include yourself in the policy. You as the business owner now have coverage as well as your employees.

Taking advantage of online health quotes is available to individuals, families, groups, small business, mid-size businesses, and large businesses as well. It’s an easy way to compare quotes, cost and coverage.

Having these services saves time, money, and offers more than just a service. It offers peace of mind. In our daily lives peace of mind is priceless. Health care is a much needed tool to help save on expenses such as doctor visits, prescription medications, evaluations, lab services and surgeries.

Millions of Americans will become sick, get injured or need a regular check-up this year. Without having a health care provider these people will have to pay full cost out of pocket. Many will choose not to even be seen by a doctor because of lack of health insurance. In the long run this could be devastating. Prevention is less costly. Treatment immediately is helps cut back on future visits, thus cutting the cost of out of pocket expenses for medical.


Health Savings Accounts Offer A Variety Of Health Care Solution

If you’ve just                 lost your group health coverage through work, just got notice that your health insurance premiums are going up again, or just wish you had some control over your health care, a health savings account   may be just what you need. An   offers independence from employer-based coverage, options to keep premiums low and gives you more choice in how you manage your health care expenses.

Plans combine high-deductible health insurance policies with tax-advantaged savings accounts. While you’re in relatively good health, high-deductible plans may   all your coverage needs because plans purchased after March 2010 cover regular preventive services even before you’ve met the deductible. For example, flu shots, a yearly checkup, and looking for dangerous conditions like certain cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., are all covered even though plans with high deductibles cost less than full-coverage policies.

If you do need to pay for services that aren’t covered, some (but not all) high-deductible health insurance plans work with an  . These accounts allow you to earn interest tax-free and withdraw money to pay for qualified health care tax-free. While certain health-related expenses like aspirin, cough syrup or other over-the-counter medicines are not eligible to be paid for through an   lots of other health-related costs are covered.

Health Savings Accounts Can Expand Your Choice Of Health Care

You can use your   funds to pay for acupuncture, aromatherapy  Medicine, chiropractor services, Christian Science Practitioners, dental care, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, medical massage, nutritional   or Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can even pay for qualified long-term care insurance via your

The National Institutes of Health recently  the benefits of what has been referred to an “alternative” health care in this country. With increasing demand, more health providers are offering these services in efforts to treat people more holistically. If you find your health insurance policy limits your choice of treatment, an H will allow you to take tax deductions for these expenses and earn interest tax-free to help you grow your savings quickly.

Health Savings Accounts Are Independent Of Employment

Unlike a flexible spending account that your employer may take back at the end of the year, an  is yours to keep whether you remain with your current employer or not. The balance in your account rolls over every year and continues to grow with interest without being taxed. If you withdraw funds for eligible health care expenses, the money is still not taxed even though you can also get a tax deduction for the expense without deductions.

Although you own your , both you and your employer may contribute to your  Plan. In fact, contributions can be from other people, such a parent helping a child who is working a job that doesn’t provide health coverage. Contributions from anyone other than your employer are tax deductible. Contributions from your employer may be excluded from your gross income.

Even after you retire, you may continue to withdraw funds from your  for eligible health-related expenses tax-free, but you can also spend the money for anything you want and just pay taxes on the withdrawal like you would with an individual retirement account (IRA).

Your Savings On Health Care

No matter how many years you take advantage of the benefits of an  your high-deductible health insurance plan will probably cost you less in premiums than typical plans with low deductibles. As long as you have a plan issued after March 2010, you’ll have coverage for preventive services without any co-payments or having to meet a deductible.

If you prefer an alternative form of health care not covered under your policy, you can still earn tax-free interest to pay for the services and lower your taxes with a deduction for the cost even without

Add up all you save with low premiums, lower taxes and higher savings account earnings year after year and see what you can save. Just like with standard IRAs, an  gives you the powerful growth factor of tax-free compounding.




Is Your Web Developer a Cowboy?

What do you think of your web developer?

Over the last few years we have quietly, but at every opportunity, been asking this question to business owners, marketing directors and executives responsible for their company website whether for commissioning, developing or maintaining their online presence. We also asked if they were happy with the website that the developer had provided, or if they thought it was bringing tangible benefit to their business. The responses were sharply divided. It seems that the businesses’ experience of Web developers is like Marmite: you either love them or hate them.

Shockingly, over 80% of respondents reported a ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ experience of working with a website developer or designer. Many made comments that were very uncomplimentary toward their web developers. Some stated that they felt they had been, “Taken for a ride,” by those who had either baffled them with technology and jargon, or had – deliberately or otherwise – raised their expectations beyond what was feasible with the investment they were making. One had invested tens of thousands with a web development company to build an online presence for their business and now has a website that not only makes no contribution to any business objective, neither has it produced a single enquiry. The overall impression that we gained from our research to date and a term used by more than one unhappy respondent was that web developers are: “A load of cowboys.”

These poor experiences have a knock-on effect, not just for those who have been unhappy with their outcomes but for the web development and internet marketing industries as a whole. It results in an increased conviction that all web developers were likely to be the same, and that there was no-one out there who could be trusted. In addition, the inclination to invest any further resources and capital on online promotion of their business was greatly reduced. “We’ve done that and it didn’t work,” was a common response.

What do the web developers have to say?

To balance the picture we also surveyed web developers and web design companies to see if we could identify what had created this tale of woe from businesses.

Many were unaware of the situation and some were quite frank in their derision of business owners. Common responses included


  • “They don’t know what they are doing,”
  • “We’re not telepathic you know!”
  • “They don’t understand what is involved.”
  • “We never get the right information.”
  • “They keep changing their minds, often before the previous changes are completed.”


Each side seemed to blame the other for what might be interpreted as a straightforward breakdown in communication.

So why does this happen? There are no doubt numerous reasons, but focusing on the communication issue, we asked the web developers if they ever asked for, or received, a web design brief from their clients. The majority response was: “Rarely!” The design briefs received mostly consisted of a single page of vague information that lacked the detail and specifics required. Although they usually included requests for things that far exceeded the budget or amount the business owner was willing to spend and were full of wish lists and ‘good’ ideas that require bespoke development or even new technology (for the words ‘bespoke’ and ‘new’, read – interchangeably – ‘difficult’ and ‘expensive’)!


Men, Women and Weight Loss

As everyone knows today, there are big differences in how the male and the female body is constructed. A lot of medical literature and workout techniques are centered around how men are built. Basically, we are constructed differently. This is because of the hormones that control how our muscles and skeleton is shaped, and how out fat is stored on different parts of our bodies. This affects training and weight loss too. In men, the testosterone hormone determines the size of bones, causes hair growth and deepens the voice. Hormones regulate the mass of the muscles as well, thereby controlling the metabolism. Very clever. More muscles also means more ability to burn all those calories form the food away in a faster rate. A person with a lot of muscle mass can burn fat faster than a small person with less muscles. This thing is one of the big differences between men and women. Here we also have the difference between those who are overweight and those who are slimmer.

And we all know examples of men and women training side by side not getting the same results. It is proven that women gain weight faster. It is also proven that they do have a harder time losing it again with workout and exercise. Women are misfortune enough to gain weight faster than men, and a harder time getting rid of it. This is nature and there is not much you can do about it. Since the weight loss thing is no easy process for most men to handle, please imagine how bad women are having it (if you´re a man that is…).


What Is Worksite Wellness All About? – A Series – What Is Health Status? (Consider This!)

The field        and practice of worksite wellness today basically revolves around three terms – health, wellness and  . Other terms also seen used include: thriving, flourishing, health promotion, optimal living and quality of life. But the big three are health, wellness and

Since these terms are used interchangeably or as synonyms, I have wondered just how different or the same are these terms? When I framed out this question in my mind, I thought it would be simple enough to just look-up their definitions and I would have my answer.

But, boy was I wrong. Definitions only got me so far and not very far at that. As I was reviewing definitions, it occurred to me that worksite wellness programs today are not even necessarily about health, but more about employee health status. These two terms differ. So how do they differ? Based on the definitions and reading I have done health status is a state at a fixed point in time, as opposed to the more global, encompassing concept of health.

What Is Health Status?

The   7th Edition Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing (2012) definition is: “The level of health of an individual person, group or population as assessed by that individual or by objective measures.”

The Oxford Illustrated Companion to Medicine (2001) defines the state of health as being the “degree to which physical and mental functioning are in equilibrium with the physical, biological and social environment.”

In his 1997 article titled Health Status Assessment, Stephen Wright uses the definition: “A focus on function and somatic sensation at a particular point in time.”

In the  Medical Dictionary (2012), the definition is: “A generic term referring to the health (good or poor) of a person, group or population in a particular area, especially when compared to other areas or with national data.”

The Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing (2012) definition is: “The level of health of an individual person, a group, or a population as assessed by that individual or by objective measures.”

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, their definition is: “The level of health of the individual, group, or population as subjectively assessed by the individual or by more objective measures.”

The American Thoracic Society definitions are: “Health status is an individual’s relative level of wellness and illness by taking into account the presence of biological or physiological dysfunction, symptoms, and functional impairment. Health perceptions (or perceived health status) are subjective ratings by the affected individual of his or her health status. Some people perceive themselves as healthy despite suffering from one or more chronic diseases, while others perceive themselves as ill when no objective evidence of disease can be found.”

Rice University points out that “there is no single standard measurement of health status for individuals or population groups. Individual health status may be measured by an observer who performs an examination and rates the individual along any of several dimensions, including presence or absence of life-threatening illness, risk factors for premature death, severity of disease, and overall health. Individual health status may also be assessed by asking the person to report his/her health perceptions in the domains of interest, such as physical functioning, emotional well-being, pain or discomfort, and overall perception of health.”

On the Biology Online Website, “the level of health of the individual, group, or population as subjectively assessed by the individual or by more objective measures.” is their listed definition.

When examining and considering definitions, it is important from a conceptual perspective to remember that definitions are only part of the perspective. For conceptual clarity, one also needs to consider context and relevancy as being equally important as areas to focus on as well.

How health status is determined is an important perspective when applied in a worksite wellness setting.


Mobile pet grooming business

Starting a mobile pet grooming business requires knowledge about grooming pets and operating a business. It would be unwise to spring into this idea dog grooming without a plan of action. It would end up exploding in your face somewhere along the way.

There are online classes on dog grooming that offer techniques on grooming a pet, as well as, business start up information. Both of these skills are need to be successful. If you were to rely solely on your current knowledge of bathing a dog, you will soon meet frustration. The dogs you will encounter each day can be unpredictable and quite nervous. You will need to know how to handle the dogs without anyone getting injured.

Running your own business is not a piece of cake. You should start off knowing what the zoning and permit legalities are. If you are a mobile pet groomer, you will need to own a mobile grooming unit and all of the equipment and tools associated with dog grooming. There are a multitude of supplies that should be recorded on your inventory list. Do you know what paperwork to have on-hand with this type of business? That is another important step to learn. The customers that you get want a professional to do business with.

There is a lot of capital invested into advertising at the start of your mobile pet grooming business. Think about the ways you will get the word out about your new business. It helps to visit other dog grooming businesses in the area. Get an idea of what to charge and what type of services to offer. Starting out charging low would be a smart idea.

All in all, the mobile pet grooming business offers convenience to people who want their pets groomed. They will be relieved to know that this type of service comes to them. There is no need to make a trip to a grooming salon. It will give them more free time and keep them from doing the actual dirty work. Pet owners usually spoil their animals and want the best for them. When they notice that there is a mobile pet grooming business in the area, the chances of them giving you a call would probably be high.

Heather currently has a website dealing with dog grooming that includes an outline of the career with pros and cons with tips to grow your dog grooming business.

You can visit this website Pet Grooming Business for more information about this exciting career.



Not At Me – Tips for Presentation

Here I am at an event I am excited about. The advertised speaker and topic look so interesting. I am so looking forward to hearing her and getting that valuable information. The speaker is introduced and begins. Very soon after she starts speaking, I am bored, I check my phone, secretly hoping that an email or text has come in that will have me leave. Alas, no such message arrived and I endure 30 minutes of mind-numbing power point slides and monotone reading of her speech. She may have delivered the valuable content that was promised, but I could not receive it with her presentation.

Has this ever happened to you? Or are you afraid that this speaker will be you? It is often said that many people fear public speaking more than death. And yet, today, in our careers and as we build our businesses, we are called on more often to speak publicly.

When I was a young child, I won speech contests and dreamt of a career where I would write, travel and speak. Then, when I was in high school, I took an upper level speech class and had an embarrassing moment. I was made fun of. I dropped the class, and gave up that dream. I became a registered nurse instead. When I was working for the State of California in the High Risk Infant Follow-Up Program, I was the chairperson for a fund raising event. Here I am with hundreds of people and the master of ceremonies calls me up to the stage to acknowledge me. I turn to my boss and say, “I hate speaking in public” and walk to the stage, trip on my way up and land flat on my face. I sat up and giggled with the rest of the room, but inside I was embarrassed and said to myself “I will never speak in public again”. And that was that.

Many years later, I got over that. The embarrassment was simply holding me back from fulfilling my dreams and I went about getting myself trained to be a great public speaker. I have now spoken in front of thousands of people and consistently receive great feedback. I have also trained many speakers to be great and I want to share some ways you can enhance your presentation skills.

1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Write out your speech, practice it ALOUD many times. Practice it in the mirror. Practice it aloud to another person. Preparation is not about getting every word down, or getting it perfect. Preparation allows you to be comfortable so you can speak with people and interact with them. They came to hear you, so preparation allows you to be fully you.