Six Ways to Save Money on Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Every wedding is unique, just as every bride is unique. And when you’re thinking of flower arrangements for weddings, especially for your own wedding and reception, you need to think about what you like, not what everyone else is doing.

Sometimes you have to forget about what’s trendy, what’s “in,” what the magazines are saying, and simply do what’s right for you.

What Types of Flower Arrangements for Weddings Are There
Flowers are generally or traditionally used for any one or all of the following:

The bridal bouquet
The bridesmaids’ bouquets
Boutonnieres for the men in the bridal party
Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers
Flowers at the front of the church or other ceremony venue
Floral accents throughout the ceremony and reception venues
The centerpiece for the head table
Centerpieces for the guests’ tables
Accent arrangements on the wedding cake table
And some brides have their flower girls toss real flower petals out of a basket as they walk down the aisle.
What is the Average Cost of Wedding Flowers
It’s hard to estimate any type of average cost of wedding flowers. Why? The cost is determined by a lot of different things:

Where do you live and the cost of living in your area?
Do the flowers you want to use grow locally in your area or will you have to order them online and have them shipped?
Are the flowers in season?
Are you using genuine flowers or are you considering silk or other faux flowers?
How large are the arrangements that you’re thinking of?
How large is your bridal party?
How many guests’ tables will you have?
These are just some of the things that go into figuring out the cost of flower arrangements for weddings, and why there is no real “average.”

Types of Wedding Flowers
There are a lot of varieties of flowers, too many to list actually. But there are also types of wedding flowers meaning real, silk, paper or Origami flowers, and I just saw  Market Harborough florist  an absolutely gorgeous bridal bouquet made out of foam!

How Can You Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers
Flower arrangements for weddings can be done in a lot of ways that can help you save money and stick with your budget.

Here are 6 more money-saving tips to consider:

1. Cut back on the arrangements. Ask yourself, do you really need a full flower arrangement at every table? Does each bridesmaid need a full, fancy bouquet?

If you can get away with going smaller, then you’ll be using less flowers and embellishments.

2. Choose in-season flowers. If you’re intent on using real flowers and your local florist, choose flowers that are in season and ask them to help you with the cost by making suggestions on where to cut back.

3. Opt for lower-end flowers. Did you know it may cost you more for roses than carnations or some other flowers? Check around!

4. Skip the professionals or hire a semi-professional or a retired floral arranger. Maybe you have a friend or a relative that’s just awesome at arranging flowers for all kinds of events.

5. Do it yourself with silk. Instead of paying a local florist for a wedding package, head to a local crafts store and look at doing silk wedding flowers. The nice thing about silk is its versatility.

If you’re looking to match your wedding theme colors but no genuine flowers exist in that color, you can make your own. Buy the silk flowers in pure white and dye them the colors you want.

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