Men, Women and Weight Loss

As everyone knows today, there are big differences in how the male and the female body is constructed. A lot of medical literature and workout techniques are centered around how men are built. Basically, we are constructed differently. This is because of the hormones that control how our muscles and skeleton is shaped, and how out fat is stored on different parts of our bodies. This affects training and weight loss too. In men, the testosterone hormone determines the size of bones, causes hair growth and deepens the voice. Hormones regulate the mass of the muscles as well, thereby controlling the metabolism. Very clever. More muscles also means more ability to burn all those calories form the food away in a faster rate. A person with a lot of muscle mass can burn fat faster than a small person with less muscles. This thing is one of the big differences between men and women. Here we also have the difference between those who are overweight and those who are slimmer.

And we all know examples of men and women training side by side not getting the same results. It is proven that women gain weight faster. It is also proven that they do have a harder time losing it again with workout and exercise. Women are misfortune enough to gain weight faster than men, and a harder time getting rid of it. This is nature and there is not much you can do about it. Since the weight loss thing is no easy process for most men to handle, please imagine how bad women are having it (if you´re a man that is…).

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