What Services Should Your Exhibition Contractor Offer?

When it comes to choosing an exhibition contractor you expect good quality service, outstanding support and convenience. You want your contractor to save you time, money and energy, enabling you to focus on the daily running of your business without having to worry about how the stand is doing, if everything is going to be set up on time while using valuable resources at the same time.

The first thing that all exhibition contractors should offer is a design service. They should have their own in-house team of qualified designers who can work with you to create a stand that is guaranteed to make an impact at any exhibition, trade show or event you decide to take part in. They should have extensive experience in the industry, working with a high volume of customers and showing you past projects successfully completed to give you some idea on the design creativity and innovation that you can expect moving forward.

In addition to designing the stand, exhibition contractors should also have a team of experienced and qualified engineers and carpenters who can build the stand based on the agreed design. They should use a host of materials to create the stand to the specifications provided, ensuring that you get exactly what you saw on paper, exceeding your expectations and helping you achieve success at the next event you take part in.

A good exhibition contractor will also have a team of experienced project managers who will liaise with you and the event organizers, they will also contact the venue to arrange delivery and the setting up of the booth on your behalf. This service can save you so much time and reduce the need for you to run around before the event, you can rather spend your time elsewhere, focusing on your business and driving it forward right up to when you need to man your stand.

After the event, the exhibition contractor should provide a break down service. When it comes to an innovative and creative booth, you want an experienced team of installation engineers to put it up and take it down, ensuring the stand isn’t damaged in any way during this process If you attempt taking it down yourself, if you weren’t the one to put it up, it is possible that mistakes will be made, some of these mistakes could be costly, something you want to avoid at all costs.

Further, a good exhibition contractor will provide logistic services. They will transport your stand for you to any exhibition or trade show anywhere in the world using sea, rail and air services. This means that you can attend events throughout the world, rely on your exhibition contractor to provide you with a reliable service that you can trust.

They should also provide you with a storage service. This is such a beneficial service that you should take advantage of. When it comes to storing your stand, you want to ensure that it is safe and secure and the risk of being damaged is limited. If the exhibition contractor stores it for you, you can enjoy complete peace of mind and it also reduces your need to find a storage facility and pay for it, just to keep your stand until the next event.


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