Leather Jewelry Roll – How to Get the Best Quality at the Best Price

Leather is a fabulous fabric – versatile, tough, and great for protecting and organizing your jewelry.

In an increasingly mobile world with weddings and offices far apart — you need to travel with your necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. You need all your jewelry organized and protected from being lost or stolen whether you travel for a day or a week.

Enter the versatile leather jewelry roll. With its natural strength and historical appeal – a leather jewelry roll is a great accessory to have for all occasions. Its formal enough to work well in an corporate setting or to bring along to a wedding. Its cool and chic enough to work great at a girl’s weekend getaway or just on a night out. Its subtle enough not to attract unwanted attention from thieves, and small enough that it could fit inside a medium purse.

In fact – its a purse within a purse and will save you lots of time and sanity in sorting through your purse trying to find the earring that matches with the necklace that’s buried somewhere beneath the cellphone, the lipsticks, the diary, the checkbook and all the other things you need to have in your purse.

A leather jewelry roll – contrary to popular perception – doesn’t just come in black. Other great colors include blue and pink. You can use the lighter colors for less formal gatherings and save the black for a more formal event. Another important aspect of shopping for a leather jewelry roll is to watch out for “fake leather”.

Invest your money in genuine cowhide, especially since its very affordable and will give you quality use. After all, you will be placing your most precious keepsakes in it, do you want to sacrifice your peace of mind for a few dollars?

While leather jewelry rolls can cost upwards of $60 or $70 you can get really good quality genuine cowhide rolls for under $20. Well-known manufacturers are now manufacturing great leather jewelry rolls at this price. Get an affordable one and you will have made a very smart decision.

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