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Writing an essay can be a monotonous task, especially if you’ve left it to the last minute. Follow these key points and watch the quality of your essays improve.

Firstly, research is the basis of your whole best essay writing service reddit  project, it’s no use having the best writing skills out there, if you don’t know the subject your writing on. Gather some key points and scribble down the areas you plan to explore. Once this is complete, you should have a good foundation to start building your essay on. Most people get straight into the essay to get it done as fast as possible, I suggest creating the plan on the day you receive the task of writing an essay. This way everything is fresh in your mind and your in that working mindset. You may not even need the plan for a while until you actually decide to start writing, but I find it helps to get it out of the way early.

Now that you have a good plan and you’ve finally persuaded yourself to start writing, open up with a summary, explain what will be discussed in the essay, give a basic overview. This will set the tone of the essay and ease the reader into your style of writing. From then on, you can move on from point to point referring to your plan as you proceed.

Flow Of Text
The key when writing is to achieve a good flow of text, this means your sentences can flow on without the reader stopping or skipping parts of the text. You can do this using simple paragraphing, creating a new one for each subject. Without flow of text, your writing will sound like a collection of points, this isn’t very interesting for the reader which will not compel them  to read on. It will be harder for your marker to award the points with marks if there is no flow of text. Another vital factor concerned with flow of text is spelling and grammar mistakes. If your marker or reader is spotting mistakes or sentences that sound wrong, they will no longer be immersed in the atmosphere you are writing to create. You should always thoroughly proofread your work to ensure this doesn’t happen, if you are serious about your work, you can hire proofreading services.

Make sure with every key area you talk about, you are providing the reader with a point, an explanation and evidence. This shows your understanding and will make it so much easier for the marker to award marks.

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