Why Better Is Better Than Best

No matter what your present circumstances are, the first step to becoming better is the commitment to do just that. It is amazing how many businesses, marketing gurus, mentors, coaches lawyers and doctors, even rocket scientists like to present themselves as “the best.” To claim that you are the best in any industry or area of expertise is simply untrue – or at least there is no way to actually measure it even if it is true. At the end of the day, there is no way for any business or person to say they offer the best of anything – service, quality or features. There are no standard metrics and we really have no idea who all the competitors are. Your competitive juices must be flowing continuously to be better than the rest.

The good news is, you don’t need to be the best. You can be better. “The best” is an impossible standard that lacks credibility even though it might be supported by testimonials, endorsements and accolades. Think about this; “better” is a more realistic claim and a much easier comparison to make. You can say you are driven, determined, compelled to offer better service or products than any other in the area and, more importantly, to outdo your own great service every year. This seemingly lower claim is actually much more realistic, much more believable and much more appealing.

The standard of “better” also keeps you on your toes and keeps you moving swiftly in a forward direction. You become fully aware that thinking you are better means you have to keep pushing, learning and improving because there is still room for improvement. Being the best is a note of finality and only offers a short-term advantage.

Once you’re the best, there is no incentive to push any harder and laziness or complacency start to set in and you are at risk of being bashed on all sides by every competitor… bashed by everyone working to be better. Now you know that for all those “bests” out there who believe their motivation is to stay the best, they are only fooling themselves. The motivation to improve, to get better, is always more powerful than the false incentive to stay in one place, even if it’s the best.

Any great accomplished athlete, company or leader that is actually capable of staying ahead of the pack for any noteworthy period of time is able to do so not because they think they are the best, but because they show up every day to do better than their most important competitor of all: themselves. Pushing yourself and those around you to be better is the only way to be better than best.

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