Honest Info Prodigy Review – Is it Worth Buying?

What is Info Prodigy? Is it worth the investment?

Basically, Info Prodigy is a brand NEW training & coaching program co-developed by two of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton. In this program, they focus on teaching people how to build profitable online info business from the ground up.

But, why online info business?

If you have tried any traditional business before, you know that it requires a lot of cost overhead. For instance, we need to rent an office space, hire employees, keep inventory, open a storefront, etc. All this will eat up into your profit margin or worse lose money. Not to mention that you also need to deal with packaging and shipping which can eat up considerable time.

The info business has many benefits and advantages over traditional business. Some of the main ones are:

** Info products require a lot less cost to create.
** Once created, you can sell info products again and again.
** Info products are easy to be modified and updated.
** You don’t have to keep inventory.
** You don’t have to deal with packaging and shipping.
** You don’t have to rent expensive office space.
** You don’t even need to hire any employee.

But, can you really succeed in info business?

Well, there is no guarantee that you would succeed (no training program can give you that guarantee). But Info Prodigy is based on a system that has been tried and tested in the trenches for years by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton. They lay out the EXACT PROCESS of building a successful online info business.

Inside the training course, you will get to learn all the following important topics in creating profitable info products…


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