So Start One For Your Business Today

In this day of age everyone loves blogs and yes that includes Google. Well as you will learn if you have not already when Google loves something you have no choice but to embrace it and start having some feelings for it to. The following article explains why blogs are a search engine optimizers best friend and why they should soon (if they are not already) be a big part of your business’ online strategy, if you want to increase your traffic and sales.

Blogs make it easier for search engines to understand their content which makes it much easier for you to impress the search engines and start ranking on the first page for your main keywords. Almost all blogging software organizes posts and data through categories which allows you to organize your content in specific themes. The bottom line is blog architecture and effective category usage make your target key words and phrases very easy for search engines to find, index and rank. To understand how this works you need to understand how blogs work in comparison to your traditional website.

Let’s say you post a article on your traditional website about how great your product is. This article is posted on one single page with maybe one or two links from your homepage or interior pages to it. This means you give the search engines only one or two chances of finding and indexing your article.

Now you post that same article to your blog. The blog software posts the article to your main blog page in a long list normally sorted by date of all your recent blog posts. The article is given its own specific page within the blog and if you assign the article to a category the article is again posted on that specific categories page. So for one posting you just got three different pages on your blog with your article on it and keyword rich interior links throughout your blog that link to the article. For even more exposure assign your article to more then one relevant category and get even more links and pages on your blog with your article on it.

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