When Is FantaZ Going To Launch?

FantaZ is a brand new business opportunity which aims to combine the massive potential of online gaming with the widespread appeal of Multi-Level Marketing. It was due to launch in September 2010 but has been hit by delays, and is yet to launch nationwide. So when will FantaZ finally launch https://www.launchrecruitment.com.au/?

The powers that be at FantaZ are assuring people that the delay is caused solely by a desire to make the online gaming experience as good as it possibly can be before launching. They say that to launch without fully testing the system and fine-tuning the games would damage the reputation of the company and the products.

What’s more, they don’t want to let down those who have already signed up to the business by launching a less-than-perfect product.

If you are excited by the FantaZ business opportunity and can’t wait for it to launch don’t get down about it. There are steps you can take while the company is still in pre-launch to ensure that when it finally does launch fully you are in the best possible position to make the most of the company’s benefits.

FantaZ are encouraging those who have signed up to the business to continue spreading the word and recruiting people into their downlines. This is what most Distributors have spent the last few months doing, so that when the company launches they already have a large downline and can start making money immediately.

The way the FantaZ compensation plan works makes it essential that you have a large, talented, and active downline if you want to start making big bucks. You can use your time wisely to make sure you have this.

But many people will struggle to add people into a business that hasn’t even launched yet. A lot of people will remain unconvinced by it, or be unsure whether it is the opportunity for them without being able to see it in action first.

You could spend hours, days, weeks, or even months trying to convince people that they should join you in FantaZ but be faced with constant rejections and cynicism.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right training and the right advice you could soon be adding hundreds of people into your downline. What’s more, these people will be seeking out YOU, asking you about FantaZ and begging you to join. All the hard work will be done for you, and when FantaZ is ready to launch, you will be ready to launch your business into the stratosphere.

The secret to making all this happen is finding interested customers, and the secret to finding interested customers is marketing your business on the internet.

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