DIY Saturday Night Fever Costume

The greater part of us have needed to step into the function of the King in any event once! Indeed, when you join the vibes of our white suits the dog house with a couple stuck rhinestones, a hairpiece that is overwhelming, and a coordinating cape to thrive, you’re prepared to play your guitar for the general population!

DIY Elton John Costume

Do It Without anyone else’s help Elton John Costume


Hulton Archive/Billboard] Sequin Cuff Disco Pants Feather Angel Wings Giant 70s Disco Glasses

Disco Platform Shoes

Elton John has a style that is quickly perceived anyplace. Join the sweet looks of disco with Elton’s extraordinary style taste and you’re a legend really taking shape! So in the event that you need to reproduce one of his definitive looks, alter a couple of feathered wings and pin them to the shoulder braces of your white suit and grin intensely at your Instagram while wearing a couple of glasses that are similarly as enormous as your pair of 70s stages! It’s an ideal opportunity to move, Sir (Elton)!

DIY Saturday Night Fever Costume

Do It Without anyone else’s help Tony Manero Saturday Night Fever Costume

[Source: Paramount/IMDb] Saturday Night Fever Costume Austin Powers Chest Hair

Gold Neck Chain Men’s Disco Loafers

The world can be a truly entangled spot. However, one spot that is all smooth moves and focusing lights is on the disco stage. Regardless of whether you have the moves to win the move challenge or simply need to bring the cool style of Saturday Night Fever to life, everything necessary are the correct pair of moving loafers, a sparkly brilliant chain, and white suit style! Obviously, in the event that you truly need to pull off a real Tony Manero, a low profile shirt and blasting chest hair can’t do any harm!

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